Sunday, September 11, 2005


Who's rooting against me?

Despite the positive feedback I get from several of my readers, it appears that not everyone that reads this blog is a well wishing fan. As I was reviewing server logs today I came across a referrer that piqued my interest. It was It seems my blog became a topic of discussion in one of their forums. The following is a quote I found in the forum.

"My favorite blog to read is XXX Reviews **NOT SAFE FOR WORK** The guy disgusts me in every way, but I'm waiting for the post that says "well, the wife caught me"."

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. You can't please everyone. But I do wonder if this person watches Nascar for the crashes. That certainly seems to be why he reads my blog.

Lunchtime Playdate
I've set up a playdate with my new friend for lunchtime Thursday. She's asked me to take pictures of her posing and playing with some of her toys. Then she wants to get naughty with me and shoot some video. I think lunch is going to be delicious.


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